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Slim Ambition Keto For his part, Carlos followed a diet that also promised incredible results: first he had to eat all the proteins he wanted, without limit; then add vegetables, in a third moment, I had to incorporate fruits, cheese and bread, and finally I could eat what I wanted. All this, as long as you kept one day of your exclusive diet to eat protein and remember to take 3 tablespoons of tea of wheat bran daily. He did, however, the only thing he managed was to sacrifice himself for more than a month and lose the water that held his body (not the fat), which initially seemed to be a real weight loss but the pounds or kilos came back quickly as soon as He left the diet . Cases like those of Mariel and Carlos there are thousands, and diets that promise miraculous results too. The important thing is not to fall into the trap. Therefore, here are some recommendations that you should consider if you want to lose weight. 1. There are no miracle diets Do not expect miraculous results. Unfortunately, to lose weight and maintain that weight over time is necessary to adopt healthy habits and sustain them. Also, keep in mind that a long-lasting diet is usually achieved by eliminating pounds or kilos little by little, and not quickly. 2. Do not deprive yourself of everything you like Forget that dieting is boring and mean depriving yourself of the things you like the most. On the contrary, so that you can incorporate new food habits and that you can maintain them, it is important that you find them pleasant. There are many healthy options that you can add to your diet. Also, there are probably things in your routine that do not let you lose weight. With qualified professional help you can detect and eliminate them. Cheer up, sometimes it just means not eating between meals or avoid getting out of control with sweets after dinner. 3. Do not skip meals another mistake that usually falls when trying to lose weight is to suspend meals. That never! Remember: skipping meals makes you fat!